catatan di kala sedih

24 02 2009

hey  reader,

gw tau belakangan ini gw jarang ngepost.. soalnya gw lagi ga dalam mood buat nulis2…. bukan gw ga suka nulis di blog lagi

but i feel like all of my burden  become  heavier…

i was struggle to survive…

and i finally realize that, friends are not someone you can trust your life with…

they easily forgot and leave you when you needed them the most..

everything they have done was fake…

more than that…its only a sympahty

i have a lot of friends, but at this very moment.

i feel like i dont know whos my friends and whos not…

my friends or my foe?

this question always appear in my mind..

i have nobody to rely on…

someone to hold my hand when im fall….

to cheer me up when im feel down..

theres no one to share with….

and i feel lonely in this world..

update.. for this post it’s just my upset expression.

i wrote  it when i’m down and feel insecure




One response

5 04 2009

Hahahaha pipina di tembemim.But ada 1 yg ganjal di muka wa.Wa jg gendut kek gitu lhooo. Huahuahuahuahuahua.Tetep kontak aja.Ntar wa kirim lwat e-mail pipi tembem wa.Ntar bandingin muke ne konyol an capa??

v(^.^)v Peace! Love! and Justice!

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